A question regarding involvement of USA, France, UK in Indian elections and influences in decision making in India [closed]

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India is the second most populous country and is an open economy, a huge exporter of arms and technology. Recently, I have been reading articles and insights of journalists which write and/or have insights against imperialism of west like Benjamin Norton and a few others, but they mostly write about Middle East and Latin American countries, which I must say is quite extensive.

But, I don't know of any journalists that write about how the USA, UK, and France try to influence decision-making and how they influence elections. Clearly, the way the USA and UK in particular influences decisions in Latin America and the Middle East, it can't be believed that they are not doing the same in India and clearly these things must be done undercover so it will involve the use of secret services and so not many journalists/writers would have written about them.

So, I want to ask about if there are any journalists (not just propagandists) that you can refer me to which write about the influence of secret services of the USA, UK and France on India, and/or whether you can recommend some books on the same issue. I am interested in knowing both about decision making and elections.

I found this book, but it's doesn't contain any useful information about the activities of those countries. It just has summaries of some declassified reports which were just not of much importance.

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  • September 19, 2021