A Moral dilemma on womens' bodily autonomy and abortion [closed]

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Here's an unique moral dilemma regarding woman and their bodily autonomy in childbirth and abortion.

Should women have bodily autonomy when it comes to child birth and abortion?

Well the answer seems obvious, ofcourse yes. It is their body and everyhuman is entitled to the autonomy of their body. A fetus cannot be considered as a fully developed human being.

But here's the objection for it.

  1. Can women selectively abort the fetuses based on their gender? As it has been done in many third world countries, many female fetuses were aborted, which eventually led to the banning of sex selective abortion. But this goes against absolute autonomy of women's bodies.

  2. Can conservative women, abort fetuses which have the more probability of being LGBTQ+. This, as of now, is a hypothetical moral thought experiment. If in future science advances to predict with reasonable certainty the orientation and trans status of a fetus, can the woman choose to abort it? Or can she take drugs and hormones to affect the orientation and trans status of the fetus?

Note: We have found no particular gene to influence orientation, there's some evidence for orientation being an epigenetic phenomenon. Transsexuality seems to be more genetic related and also related to prenatal testosterone exposure.

The question boils down to basically, do women have rights to bodily autonomy even when they want abort sex selectively or try to kill fetuses which may grow up to be LGBTQ? Is the ethic 'my body my choice' valid only till it doesn't create a systemic problem and if it does create a systemic problem can womens' bodily autonomy violated? Why? Why not?

P.S: This is not a Pro life vs Pro choice question. And this is cross platform question with philosophy stack exchange.

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