4th Circuit court: North Carolina laws “targeted blacks with almost surgical precision” after “they got rid of preclearance after Shelby County”?

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In CNN's Lindsey Graham picks side in Trump vs. McConnell divide (cued at 01:51) after a clip of US Senate Majority Whip Richard Durben said in reference to President Biden's speech about voting rights that the president "might have gone a little too far in his rhetoric" former Democratic Senator Al Franken said (in part, my best effort at transcription):

There's no question that what Senate Republicans are trying to do is suppress votes, and... can I give you just a number of examples?

and one example was:

Look, McConnel voted for the voting rights act in 2006! And that included preclearence. This is about preclearance; this is a big part of what this is.

And when they got rid of preclearance after Shelby County, what happened? Boom! (finger snap) In North Carolina, they just wrote the laws that... a Fourth Circuit (justice? court?) said 'targeted blacks with almost surgical precision'.

There is no question that the Republican Party is trying to tamp down, suppress the vote of people who vote for Democrats, including not just black people, but students, poor people, it's pretty clear what they're doing. And for them to deny that it's just intellectually dishonest, but that's who they are now.

The size of the quote is to maintain some context and ensure we understand what former Senator Franken's own take on the situation is.

Wikipedia's Voting Rights Act of 1965 includes:

A core special provision is the Section 5 preclearance requirement, which prohibits certain jurisdictions from implementing any change affecting voting without receiving preapproval from the U.S. attorney general or the U.S. District Court for D.C. that the change does not discriminate against protected minorities.

Question: Which 4th Circuit court or justice said that North Carolina laws "targeted blacks with almost surgical precision" after "they got rid of preclearance after Shelby County"? Which North Carolina laws are being referenced here?


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