“$300 Million a day on Afghanistan” – so what happens to that money now?

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President Biden, in his speech regarding the conclusion of the withdrawal from Afghanistan yesterday, mentioned that it is estimated that 300 million USD per day was spent on the war in Afghanistan over the past 20 years (that's 109 billion USD per year).

Now, sure, the spending is not uniform over time. But - let's say that until the decision to withdraw only 20% of that figure (22 billion USD) was being spent annually (completely speculative assumption of course).

So what happens with the 22 billion USD / year the US will now not be spending on Afghanistan? Is it just un-utilized appropriations? Is it swallowed by the un-auditable belly of the Pentagon (and the CIA/USAID budgets etc.)? Is Congress accounting for this in budget discussions?

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  • September 1, 2021