Question: Is D. Trump really any worse than R. Nixon R. Reagan, G.W.H. Bush or G. W. Bush?

This is a view from abroad as I have been an expat since the middle of the second term of W.J. Clinton. I am not a Democrat, I am middle of the road European Left and Bernie still makes sense to me.

The Republicans have been sprinting to the right since the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1968 along with the Equal Rights Act 1972 with the Democrats slowly filling in the vacant space.

The only difference I really detect is that Trump’s explicit rhetoric is what the Republicans usually prefer to hide behind dog whistles.

Would any of them handled the  Covid-19 any better?

All their other nefarious policies seem to mesh well with Republican policies in general.

All enjoy leaving Democrats a right fucking mess to clean up.

As for their popularity one only needs to look at many famous people who turn out to be in reality total assholes yet, their loyal fans still remain faithful, even A. Hitler still has his devotees.

Even Dubya, who ignored warning of an imminent terrorist attack, launched preemptive war, declared victory too early, oversaw  torture, and created terrorist spin-offs now seems to be remembered as some warm and fuzzy ex-president and not the total asshole he is.

The Republicans love voter suppression and gaslighting, they now have their white working hero [my mind truly boggles] whilst they vandalize the country in the name of capitalism, whilst embracing socialism when they bugger it up for the wealthiest.

Trump is not some outlier, he is merely one of them. They will pick the same thing in 2024, either Trump or some psychopathic religious loon “who speaks nice”.

I wish Biden luck, I really do, I just think the Republicans will do everything in their power to stop him, as usual.

Republicans never have a plan, never have an exit strategy, that's what Democrats are for and the rest of the world has to get used to dealing with a schizophrenic superpower.

  • November 25, 2020