qualified immunity: Trump's unhingery continues in COVID first wave because facial shotgun blast

Angry that Dick Cheney’s cardiologist called Trump’s Tulsa rally “criminal endangerment”, Trump cleverly references Cheney’s gun accident, probably because he associates John Bolton with the Bush administration.


“The greatest testing machine in history” even if it’s overrated. And as a malignant narcissist might claim, Trump says he’s popularized Juneteenth.


“I did something good: I made Juneteenth very famous. It’s actually an important event, an important time. But nobody had ever heard of it.”





2/8 I’m sharing w/o specific attribution as my friend works in the medical community and is concerned about backlash. Please RT far and wide, as my number of followers won’t quite give it the attention it deserves. With any luck, it might get picked up on national news outlets.
3/8 I’ve been wondering…why would trump pick Tulsa for his breakout return to rallies? Tulsa isn’t exactly a hot spot for conservatism (as far as Oklahoma goes).
4/8 He doesn’t need to fight for Oklahoman votes, he’ll probably win the state and we don’t have enough electoral college votes to matter….and then it dawned on me. So hard my hands started shaking. He doesn’t need us.
5/8 He doesn’t have any concerns about what happens in Oklahoma in November. We are expendable. He needed a place where people would show up and wear red hats and get fired up.
6/8 Where people aren’t wearing masks to begin with, sadly, so they wouldn’t mind being packed in without the bad optics of masking. Where he can feed his need to be adored and loved, and test the waters of how coronavirus reacts.
7/8 So a few hundred more Oklahomans die. So what? He can make it without them. If thousands die even, it doesn’t hurt him. And now he knows it’s not a good idea to do these in Michigan and Ohio where he needs every single vote. Dry run for Florida convention.
8/8 Maybe we’ll do masks there if it goes badly in Tulsa. We’re looking into it and we’ll make a great decision.

Pawns. Monkeys sent into space before men. Expendable votes. Feel honored he chose your state, until they strap you to the rocket and give you a pat on the head.


  • June 18, 2020