photo: PDA Activists At The Convention Wrap Up

In solidarity, Mike Hersh for Alan, Dr. Bill, Dan, Janis, Deb, Kimberly, Bryan, Mike F., and Shayna—your PDA national team.

A: We Rocked The California Convention!


Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) had a powerful presence at last weekend’s California Democratic Party Convention; critically important because of the impact the Golden State has on national politics, as well as cultural, economic, and policy innovation.

One of the highlights was presentation of the Tim Carpenter lifetime achievement award to Judy Hess’ son Bill at our annual luncheon. Before stepping back due to her battle with cancer, Judy was a longtime PDA staffer, PDA’s California Co-coordinator, and an inspiring, indispensable progressive champion.

The PDA Booth was abuzz with activity from the start to the finish, anchored by Dr. Bill Honigman, our chief environmental adviser Russell Greene, Executive Director Alan Minsky, and two great PDA Bay Area activists Shirley Golub and Hae Min Cho.


Pitch In To Keep PDA Organizing

From the booth, we spearheaded a number of campaigns including a petition drive that we co-authored with Food and Water Watch, which called upon Governor Newsom to fulfill his environmental campaign promises.

We championed Medicare for All, Housing as a Human Right, Bernie Sanders, and every progressive position under the sun—while recruiting legions of progressive Californians to the PDA team. Another highlight was the PDA luncheon. Hae Min and Alan MC’d in front of a full house.

The featured speakers included Congressman Ro Khanna, progressive candidate for District Attorney of San Francisco Chesa Boudin, East Bay Civil Rights legend Pamala Price, Jovanka Beckles, one of the leading progressive activists in the Bay Area; and five teenagers from the radical environmental group Youth vs. the Apocalypse.

The convention itself was non-stop activity; as the Moscone center was overrun with 15 Presidential candidates. At the end, the PDAers gathered for a wrap-up, and everyone shared their best and worst moments from the convention—and renewed their commitment to fight for a truly progressive California.

PDA California Co-Coordinator Dr. Bill Honigman wrote:

It was with great pride and conviction that I was able to present the Tim Carpenter Lifetime Achievement Award for Activism to Bill Hess, the son of Judy Hess, on her behalf at the PDA luncheon this year associated with the California Democratic Party Convention in San Francisco.

Judy Hess is a stalwart organizer who has always shown up, stood up, and spoken out to advance the progressive agenda, especially in her remarkable capacity within PDA.

As her fellow Co-coordinator for PDA California, and PDA Field Staff member focused especially on Chapter development, Judy’s talents and dedication have left me in awe for many years.

We have all cherished the time that we’ve seen and heard her of late as she has more recently devoted her energies and indomitable spirit to her battle with cancer.

Judy Hess deserves nothing less than our complete adoration and I’m certain I speak for us all when I say, YUUUUUUGE thanks Judy for all you have done for PDA and the progressive movement. Onward!!

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