Q poll for Florida: Biden 51 Trump 38

which is a significant change from a Poll 3 months ago, where Quinnipiac had Biden up 46-42.

Details of poll available here

Some other highlights

Who would be better handling

The Economy:   Trump 50 percent, Biden 47 percent.

A Crisis:  Biden 55 percent, Trump 42 percent.

Health Care:  Biden 57 percent, Trump 39 percent.

Response to the Coronavirus:  Biden 58 percent, Trump 38percent.

Dems back Biden 89-2

Independents back him 48-32 (up from April where is was 44-37)

Repubs back Trump 88-10

On handling Corona Virus, voters were negative on both DeSantis and Trump

  DeSantis  38-57

  Trump      37-59

On overall job performance, both are also negative

  DeSantis  41-52

  Trump     40-58

Florida has 29 electoral votes.

Compare that to the combination of WI (10) and PA (20)

If this is not a total outlier, this poll represents real trouble for Trumo.

This in 924 Registered voters, taken July 16-20, with a margin of error of +/- 3.2%