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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Merlin1963: Info on Amy McGrath, Joe Donnelly, and Liz Watson.

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I have decided to bring any updates on KY and IN races to the folks here on Daily Kos.  Some of it is info you may have already seen.  But I tried to see if I could get info on Maine and West Virginia, and I thought, “You might as well return the favor and provide what you see and read about KY and IN Merlin 1963.”  


Somebody in the Democratic Party is taking Amy McGrath’s challenge to that Tea Party asshole Congressman Andy Barr seriously because former Vice-President Joe Biden is showing up to campaign for her.  Last time I checked, this race was in the “toss up” category.  I believe we have a real shot at taking this seat away from the Republicans.

To put this in perspective, a very smart woman who knows me well said of my disposition, “Happiness does not come bubbling up out of you naturally.”  In other words, I make Eeyore look manic.  So if I feel reasonably optimistic about Amy McGrath…

Plus, while McGrath has staked out some progressive positions, I think I would be supporting her still if she was only a moderate.  You see she’s the type of Democrat that doesn’t take shit lying down.  In other words, she reminds me of why I love Howard Dean.  She’s literally a fighter.

Donate to Amy McGrath.


The latest Fox News Poll — try not to hurl when you read those words — has Donnelly and Braun in a statistical tie for the U.S. Senate.  Both are running ads going at each other.  Donnelly is sticking with healthcare and why we do NOT need to go back to the bad old days before the ACA.  Braun is running lies about how he provided healthcare to all his workers with little to no cost.  IT WAS A MIRACLE!  NOT!  After those ads, Braun has gone back to say how Donnelly sold America out to Iran.

Yeah, I don’t get that either.  It’s why I think that Donnelly has a good chance of winning, despite what this poll says.  It’s a state that gave Trump a big margin of victory, so you can’t be too careful.  But Donnelly also came out against Kavanaugh.  He deserves some support from the Daily Kos community:

Joe Donnelly for  Indiana.

I suppose you can be charitable and call this a sleeper race:  Liz Watson vs Trey Hollingsworth in the IN-9th.  Republican Congressman Hollingsworth is typical Republican garbage.  The Louisville Courier Journal had an article about this race that essentially trashed Watson’s chances of taking out Hollingsworth.

National Democrats said Hollingsworth is one of roughly 90 GOP incumbents they are targeting in the midterm election. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the party’s political arm for the House, said in July that Watson was one of their top-tier candidates in flip a seat.

But national experts aren’t giving Watson much of a chance.

The Cook Report, a nonpartisan newsletter that analyzes elections, does not list it as one of the country’s competitive races. The website FiveThirtyEight, run by statistician Nate Silver, gives Watson a roughly 20 percent chance of winning.

President Donald Trump won the district, which stretches across 13 counties from the Ohio River to Indianapolis’ southern suburbs, by nearly 27 percentage points in 2016.


Campaign finance records show Hollingsworth has raised about $1.15 million compared to $1.02 million for Watson. She has about $471,350 in cash on hand versus his roughly $608,575.

“We’re having conversations with people in Southern Indiana who are ready for somebody who is going to fight for us, they are ready for someone who is one of us,” Watson said.

Watson’s message is also centered on an economic appeal to disaffected Trump voters as much as rank-and-file Democrats, 

I have given to her before, and I may do so again.  The odds are probably against her, but the district has voted for a Democrat before.  If you have change to spare, you might want to read up on her and make a decision to give or not.

So one is a pretty good bet, another is close, and the last appears to be a long shot.

I wish I had more on KY, but expect for McGrath, none of the other Republican Congressman have any real challengers.

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