There is currently a great diary on dailykos that was on the recommended list for a few seconds. I really, really hope it makes its way back. It asks intelligent and difficult questions about a Medicare for those who want it plan. There are at least as many questions as M4A. Elizabeth Warren was challenged to come up with a detailed plan and she did. You may like it or you may dislike it but it is there for all to see. Right now Medicare for All who want it is both a bumper sticker and an attack line. Nothing else. Pete Buttigieg should come out with a plan to explain how he would achieve this because, as with any Rube Goldberg scenario, there are hidden time bombs everywhere. Maybe it will be much better than Warren’s plan and he will convince me. At the very least we will be able to compare plans and make a decision. This should be true for every candidate. You cannot attack M4A (theoretically) until you have put out your own plan.

Ball is in your court media. When are you going to start asking for these candidate’s plans the way you hounded Elizabeth Warren?  Paul Krugman has been bemoaning for years that some people are forced to say exactly how they do things and others are allowed to put out one page statements with magic asterisks. No more. The last train is leaving the idiocracy and we are heading for careful and intelligent decision making. Everybody needs to get on board.

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