Puffco Launches The Proxy, A Sherlock Pipe Modular Vaporizer

In 2020 it showed off a more reliable and precise heater with the over-accessorized Peak Pro. The Peak has four preset temperatures for different experiences. The lower temps are best for relaxing, flavorful vapor, while the higher temperatures are better for thick, punchy hits. In addition, the app enables intelligent monitoring of the temperature and the choice between four light settings such as disco mode or stealth mode.

The Puffco Peak unlocks the true power of concentrates, providing the clearest expression of the potency, flavor, and effects of the plant they’re derived from. There’s no mistaking the color you’re on, because the Peak glows incredibly brightly during the 15 seconds it warms up and the 15 seconds it’s ready for a hit. It’s kind of a novelty, a party trick you’d expect to see on a cut-price copycat device (there have been many knock-off Peaks). Still, set it to rainbow-colored disco mode, put it together with the improved design, and what you’ve got is something that really looks like it’s from the future. The ceramic chamber on the Peak Pro is giant, 40 percent larger than the original, meaning there’s way less opportunity for leakage.

With a traditional glass dab rig, torching, then waiting for your red hot banger how to use cookies dab pen; www.digitaljournal.com, cool down usually takes 5x this amount of time. Not to mention if you want to dab at an exact temperature, you’ll need an accessory like the Terpometer or Dab Rite. Let’s talk about the Puffco Peak Pro, and why it’s the perfect electronic dab rig for beginners and connoisseurs alike. In fact, the idea behind the Proxy came about because Peak users kept using their devices dry to taste more of the terpenes. Devices sold at Planet of the Vapes are designed and intended to be used with legal dry herbal blends.

The same held true when I smoked the Peach Cobbler Loud Resin from Refine in Washington state. The Green and Red presets brought out the armpit-like funk slightly, but when I set that temperature at a specific low temperature of 490, the terpenes EXPLODED from the oil. Anyone who wants to dab without the effort of torching a glass rig could benefit from the Puffco Peak Pro. You can crack open a fresh puck of oil and be inhaling all those cannabinoids and terpenes within a smooth 20 seconds.

The coil is made from Ceramic, and it is 40% larger than the original Peak. It has gold plated connections and a lock mechanism that feels a lot sturdier than the original one. It has the Puffco logo in the back, together with a USB-C charging port, and the activation button is at the front under the coil. The Puffco Peak uses a standard carb cap while the Puffco Peak Pro uses an Oculus Carb Cap .

If you add terp pearls, they start to rotate violently – you can only watch fascinated! The shape of the glass top has also been optimized, it now holds more water and the more pointed shape better prevents the inhalation of water drops. Steam with higher temperatures is also cooled effectively and allows intense aromatic enjoyment. The ‘Peak Pro’ is charged via USB-C connection or by a docking station with integrated battery .

Green is medium heat, ideal for flavor with a more vapor production. Red is high and White is peak, two settings that provide the largest vapor clouds. The Puffco Proxy comes with a 3D Chamber, an invention the company first unveiled in October of 2021. “It was originally designed for the Proxy,” explains Volodarsky. The 3D Chamber also boasts an Oculus carb cap with an air path that is intended to increase vapor when hitting the pipe.

  • April 18, 2023