Progressives on the fence with Biden should heed this Bernie message

Bernie Sanders appeared on Meet The Press and his message is the one Progressives who ultimately want our policies to succeed should heed.

Progressives cannot let up or let go.

Watch the full episode here.

There is a certain segment of Progressives that are still less than enthused to vote for Joe Biden. This was made clear in a recent poll where most Biden voters were voting against Trump and not for Biden.

That is not healthy and the Biden team must work on that. But most Progressives will do the right thing. For those on the fence; I must remind all of us that we lost, no matter what the reason or unfair headwinds there were. In the political field, power is not given. It must be wrestled away. As one gets stronger the wrestling is more on par.

Bernie Sanders understands that and he knows HOW and WHEN to fold. One lives and fights another day. When one listens to the clip above, he makes it very clear.

Here is the deal. We need a landslide. A landslide guarantees that many Progressives that some are discounting will enter office. Our undeterred trek for Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, Pay It Forward College, Basic Income, Criminal Justice Reform, and other necessary structural change can resume then.

So let's get busy and ensure EVERYBODY goes out there and vote the best path for us to attain our goals. It is possible if we continue to be smart about it.

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