Progressives, how do we decide? Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, or Joe Biden?

The time is approaching when progressives will need to start thinking about coalescing behind the one who will carry our banner in the presidential election in 2020. Should it be a progressive or a centrist? Who can really beat Donald Trump? Warren? Sanders? Biden?

Two things happened in the last few days that give Democrats no excuse but to vote for what they know is best for us all. The New York Times' Bret Stephens appeared on Meet The Press with Chuck Todd advising Democrats that they need to nominate someone willing to appease the mythical center.

The central question for Democrats is nominating someone who is electable, who isn't going to scare off those voters who a Democrat desperately needs. People like Mayor Pete and Elizabeth Warren and so on are saying, you know, “We have to be a change agent,” because really this is a primary fight against Joe Biden and sort of the incumbent frontrunner. But the Democrat who's going to win is going to have to communicate to the American people a sense of sanity, balance, that they're not there to change the system but to reform the system. That's going to be the winning ticket.