The Lincoln Project is doing great work against Donald Trump. While progressives should welcome their actions they should not fall into a false camaraderie.

The Lincoln Project is not the friend of Progressives

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As we watch the very well designed, written, and produced ads by The Lincoln Project, it is easy to lose our sense of direction. To be clear, they are not our friends. They are the enemy of our enemy, no less, no more.

We must realize that the favor here is bidirectional. They need in us a moderate like Biden to get rid of Trump definitively. We need them to convince enough of the mesmerized that we are still really in the game.

But when Trump is dispatched in November, I am confident he will, we should have no expectations that this group will not use the same venom against progressives attempting to get the new Democratic total control of government to effect our policies. So it is essential that immediately after victory we remain in an offensive mode against conservatism, corporatism, and all the isms that have prevented the effecting of progressive policies.

One thing we should learn from The Lincoln Project is how to augment the weakness of the other side as we go for the jugular. Our children and this earth do not have the time to be 100% circumspect in our approach to politicking.

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