Progressives & Dems: Stop being scared about Election 2022. Don’t fall for the Republican poker.

Progressives & Dems: Stop being scared about Election 2022. Don't fall for the Republican poker face

A Politics Done Right viewer’s concern about McConnell’s threat to withhold Biden Supreme Court nominees forced this important rant on Election 2022.

Progressives & Democrats must lean into Election 2022

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I have the best viewers on my Politics Done Right program online and at KPFT 90.1 FM Houston. I have Progressive, Democratic, Republican, Conservative, and Right-Wing listeners. I believe in addressing all respectfully and civilly, and I make sure to listen.

Today I had to rant about Election 2022 as I continue to listen to an irrational feat about losing. The election will not be given to us by anyone. It is ours to lose. We must go out there and take it; obstacles be damned.

I touched on this recently in a post I wrote titled “Democrats will win in a blowout in 2022. No history says otherwise. Jonathan Alter is right” that you should check out. A viewer of my program wrote the following in the feed based on an article in The Nation.

‘McConnell Explains How He’ll Steal Another Supreme Court Pick From Another Democratic President. The Republican signals that if his party retakes the Senate, he’ll block Biden’s high court nominees in 2024—and very probably in 2023.’ // This is why winning 2022 is so important … and #Democrats will only win 2022 if they pass meaningful legislation that tangibly helps the people and the environment this year.

It is important that Democrats not believe they are playing a game of chess with Republicans. Republicans are claiming victory with the expectation that Democrats will acquiesce to their fear because of history. I state in my rant that Republicans are blocking what most Americans want. We must stop allowing those who block progress to reap any reward. By leaning into our policies and addressing people with respect as we articulate the reality that empowered, we will be successful.

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  • June 16, 2021
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