Progressives continue to hold the line – Republican Politicians are both pretzels and liars

Progressives so far are not taking the bait. They must be sure that Build Back Better supports all. Lying Republican politicians continue to be pretzels for Trump.

All hail to progressives

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  • Pelosi Delays Infrastructure Vote as Progressives Refuse to Budge Without Build Back Better Act: “House Progressives have once again demonstrated what effective collective power can do if we stay united in our fight for transformative policies for the American people.” U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday abruptly delayed a vote on bipartisan infrastructure legislation after progressives reasserted their commitment to not vote for that measure without also advancing the Build Back Better budget reconciliation package..
  • Asa Hutchinson got caught in his vaccine stance stupidity. The problem is that too often the hosts are not effective in making them seem completely silly to their constituents.
  • Roy Blunt, a scared-of-Trump Senator a host allowed to lie, shows a hypocrisy and timidity no grown man should have.

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  • October 29, 2021