Progressive Organization, Indivisible, Proudly Endorses Joe Biden For President


Received this e-mail today from the progressive organization, Indivisible, in support of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign:

Last week we wrote to you, the group leaders, members, and supporters of the Indivisible movement, to ask you a very important question: should Indivisible endorse Vice President Joe Biden for President?

We believe that it’s crucially important for us to unite behind the Democratic Party’s nominee. And so do you. We’re excited to announce that Indivisibles have overwhelmingly voted to endorse Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign for President.

When we say Indivisibles overwhelmingly voted to endorse, we mean it: 95% of Indivisibles who responded and 94% of Group Leaders support endorsing former VP Joe Biden. (Just for context — our support threshold to make an endorsement was 60%.) These are incredibly high numbers and much better than our previously projected support aspirations of 60% of the movement supporting the endorsement.  

We’re so glad to be able to report all this enthusiasm, because we have big plans for 2021, and none of them are possible unless we make Joe Biden president. Today we’re announcing this national endorsement to the world, and now it’s time to do the work to win this election. Here’s what we need from you:

  1. Take the Indivisible Pledge: Last May (a decade ago?), over 30,000 Indivisibles and every major Democratic presidential candidate signed a pledge to (1) make the primary constructive, (2) rally behind the winner, and (3) do the work to win. Please sign on to the pledge to join us.
  2. Grow your local Indivisible group: Local groups are the heart and soul of Indivisible, and joining a group is the best way to get involved. If you're not already in your local group, join today — and if you are, reach out to a few friends and ask them to get involved.
  3. Record a video endorsing Biden: This endorsement is powerful because it’s from the whole Indivisible Movement (that means you!). Help us spread the word about our endorsement by recording a video explaining why you’re all in for Biden and what you’re doing to help him win, and share it on social media.
  4. Join this week’s National Activist Call: We’ll be joining Indivisible activists all around the country on Thursday, May 7th, at 8 PM Eastern for a special live-streamed National Activist Call! This month, the two of us will be joining to talk about the endorsement and what it means, as well as to talk to you and our organizing and policy teams about how our work has changed during coronavirus, and more.
  5. Donate to fund Indivisible: None of this work — from providing groups with voter contact tools to writing policy explainers to texting voters — is possible without funding from grassroots supporters. We don’t take money from corporations or political parties, so to win, we need your help. If you can, chip in even $5 or $10 to support us and help expand our work.

We want to take a special moment to speak to those of you who, like the two of us, supported another candidate in the Democratic primary. Whether you voted to endorse or not, know that you are a part of this movement, and we’re asking you, personally, to join us in going all in to support Vice President Biden to defeat Trump. We can organize to win progressive legislative victories next year, but only if we first organize to elect Biden this year.

American democracy cannot survive another Trump term, but this isn’t just about beating him. It’s about paving the way for a new vision for the future. It’s about defending democracy, protecting the right to vote, reforming our healthcare system, tackling climate change, and ensuring equity and justice for the most marginalized among us. Vice President Biden is the only candidate today who will make that vital work possible. That’s why we’re endorsing him, and why we’re going to do everything in our power to make him the next President of the United States of America.  

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for joining us in this work, this organization, this movement. Indivisible means coming together, and that’s never been more important. Together, we will win.

In solidarity,
Leah, Ezra, and the entire Indivisible Team  

Click any or all of the links above to donate and get involved with Biden’s campaign.

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