Progressive Alternatives in Kentucky U.S. Senate Race To Establishment Favorite Amy McGrath.

A commenter on my latest diary got me thinking that I need to stress the progressive alternatives to the Democratic Establishment candidate Amy McGrath for next year’s Kentucky U.S. Senate race against Moscow Mitch.  If you have not figured it out by now, I am no fan of Amy McGrath.  Her campaign strategy is seriously flawed, IMHO.   I think one of the other commenters said it best about Amy McGrath:  “A million dollar resume with a ten cent head.”  Her competitors in the Democratic primary are two progressives: Mike Broihier and Steve Cox.

Here is an online campaign ad for Mike Broihier:…

And here is David Broihier’s campaign website.

Here is an online campaign ad for Steve Cox:…

And Cox’s campaign website.

I will do what I can to give any updates on the race.