Professor: Trump assassination of Iranian General just narcissism

It is clear to Professor Eddie Glaude and many that Donald Trump’s assassination of Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani was narcissism and was not thought through. It now has all Americans in danger.

Dr. Eddie Glaude: Assassination because of Trump’s narcissism

When Americans travel, terrorists do not check whether they are Democrats or Republicans, Liberals or Conservatives. They just kill Americans. For the sake of getting one contained killer, Donald Trump will likely have caused the deaths of scores if not hundreds of Americans.

Too often, American Presidents fail to understand that getting the leader you perceive to be bad is not worth the pre or post carnage. When Bush invaded Panama to get Noriega, several thousand civilian Panamanians were killed to arrest him. I still consider that a war crime. But the head of state was brought to America alive.

Sadly that was not the case with Soleimani. Trump has set the precedent now that leaders of states can be targets. And the United States of America struck first. That many Americans fail to see this allows our warmongering leaders to keep the defense industrial complex funded.

If you give an immature child full command of the military of the United States, that child is likely to use it. Taunt the child, they are likely to use it quicker irrespective of impact. It seems Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani once taunted our child president.

A second Trump term would be more dangerous because there would be nothing to restrain him. He will not have to keep Evangelicals at bay nor White Supremacists. He can be as transactional as necessary to serve Trump.