There is more to Student Loan Forgiveness that Progressives must understand, according to Dr. John Theis. GOP Hypocrisy.

Student Loan Forgiveness? Check this out.


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  • Right-Wing Host about Trump had the following to say about Trump. We’re held hostage by a petulant bitter, narcissistic and delusional man.
  • A Republican did not mince her words. This is not a political party anymore. It is an authoritarian band of thugs.
  • Professor Tribe calls out Trump enabler Ken Starr as a promoter of election conspiracy BS live on air.
  • Here is a message to my Right-Wing Brothers & Sisters. Here’s how Trump is using you with the ‘fraud.’
  • Dr. John Theis, Political Science Professor at Loan Star, has a prescient message on student loan forgiveness policy progressives must heed.

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