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Professor, “Post Corona” author decisively slams politicians for saving corporations before people.

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With a very effective message, Scott Galloway, the author of Post Corona effectively takes down a system that puts corporations ahead of people.

“Post Corona” author hits the nail on the head

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MSNBC Host Stephanie Ruhle asked NYU Professor and author of “Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity” his thoughts on the president blowing up the deal that gave Americans a $600 check and $300/week additional unemployment. He broadened the question with an answer that challenged politicians' constancy in giving businesses relief before people.

“It's no accident today; it's sort of typical of our response to the pandemic in general, and that is we're not taking care of people.” Scott Galloway said. “We have a third of renters are worried about being evicted. One in six households with children are food insecure. But the markets are up. It feels as if our national character is revealed. And what's happened with this stimulus? We've decided that Americans going hungry, Americans potentially having the despair of not knowing they're gonna have a roof over the head is bad.

And then Galloway lays into the real issue. a failed capitalism.

“But what would be tragic is if the NASDAQ goes down,” Galloway says sarcastically. “So quite frankly, I think that our government officials have decided that it's more important to prevent a tragedy of corporations as opposed to a tragedy of the commons. There's more money going to corporations than there are to individuals. Capitalism needs to rest on a base of empathy. We need to protect people, not corporations. The NASDAQ going up is cold comfort for what is taking place out there, Stephanie.”

The “Post Corona” author gets it. He understands that the brand of capitalism we practice is not sustainable. Listen to the entire piece. It is worth it.

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