Professor Dr. Eddie Glaude unloads on Trump’s silly claim about his works for black folk.

An incredulous and visibly upset Dr. Eddie Glaude had quite a few words for Donald Trump’s claim implying why he is good for black people.

Dr. Eddie Glaude did not allow Trump to get away with it.

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Donald Trump said no other president sans Abraham Lincoln has done more for black people. Eddie Glaude did not take kindly to that statement.

“One of the things that I have a hard time doing, Chris, is taking seriously Donald Trump around these sorts of issues,” Dr. Eddie Glaude said. “I mean, we need to understand him for who he is. I mean we can call him a narcissist. We can call him an egotist. We can call him a vulgarian. But the main thing is that when we hear him talk like this we need to understand it for the paternalistic language that it is.”

And then Dr. Glaude really lost it in the respectable manner he uses in prose.

“I’ve done more for African Americans?” Glaude said. “We don’t need him to do something for us. We need him to be the president of the United States to understand us as a constituency. To uphold the principles and norms of democracy. He sounds like a plantation owner. And that we should be grateful to him. That we should show gratitude to him. What does he mean? And so on the face of it the claim that he’s done more than Lyndon Baines Johnson, I mean on the face of it, is patently false. But just simply having to answer the question is insulting. As if we’re just, as if we’re some ward of the state, that state actors must do something for as opposed to us being citizens of this Republic claiming our just due as citizens of the republic. I find it insulting and it’s just another example of how debased his character is.”

He hit the nail on the head.

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  • August 7, 2020
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