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Procoronavirus Rally Organized By Matt Bevin Crony Tries To Disrupt Governor Beshear's Update.

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The Louisville Courier-Journal editorial board called it a “procoronavirus” protest rally that occured yesterday in Frankfort.  Joseph Gerth just called them “idiots.”  I think both are correct, and it was an “idiotic procoronavirus” rally.   Approximately 100 of the worst in humanity showed up to chant and try to disrupt Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s 5 P.M. coronavirus update press conference.  To his credit, Governor Beshear was non-plussed and calmly informed the press that he would NOT lift his shelter in place order until the data supported such a decision and it was safe.  As to the gathering of the selfish, greedy, and hateful, it was organized by a former employee of that walking human feces know as Matt Bevin — the former Republican governor of Kentucky.  The loathsome person’s name is Erika Calihan . 

FRANKFORT, Ky. — A supporter of former Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin led more than 100 demonstrators Wednesday who protested Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear’s work restrictions in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Using bullhorns and waving signs calling Beshear a “king” and a “tyrant” for enforcing social-distancing orders, the protesters chanted “Open up Kentucky” and “We want to work.”

Erika Calihan, of Lexington, led the protest that disrupted Beshear’s daily press briefing in which he updated Kentuckians on coronavirus cases and fatalities.

“We’re free citizens,” Calihan told the crowd. “We can’t be told we can’t support our families. We can’t be told we can’t work. How unethical is it for our leaders to say, ‘Oh, you can’t work?’ It’s garbage.”…

In 2019, Calihan was appointed by Bevin to a judicial nominating commission for the Kentucky Court of Appeals and Kentucky Supreme Court. She gained attention last November as an outspoken skeptic of the gubernatorial election results in which Beshear defeated Bevin, a Republican, by 5,136 votes.

Bevin had initially refused to concede the election to Beshear and requested a recanvass of the vote before eventually accepting the results.

Calihan, who led a group called Citizens for Election Integrity, made several unsubstantiated claims during that time of voter fraud.

She also alleged, without evidence, of vote “hacking” to explain Beshear’s victory.

I got to hear all this live yesterday because I tune into Beshear’s updates.  And I had wondered, “WTF?  Is that a protest rally I’m hearing in the background?”  And I was betting that those idiots were not practicing social distancing, and I was right.

Frankly, she and her supporters are only thinking of themselves and their pocketbooks.  If I or my elderly Mom were to die from the coronavirus, they would not give a shit.  In fact, Matt Bevin and his supporters don’t believe in science or vaccines, and they are the meanest bunch of bastards I’ve ever had the misfortune to know.  They love inflicting pain and death on others.

This is all part of a GOP plan to make the coronavirus a political issue.  It is not just the crazy that want to reopen and virus be damned.  Republican leaders in the General Assembly kept meeting, and they are hoping to score political points against Beshear by arguing he needs to focus on the economy and not the virus.  It galls them that Beshear has high approval ratings for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

But I think calling these procoronavirus rallies might take some of the so called political zing out of these dangerous stunts.  The GOP will scream if these dangerous gatherings are called procoronavirus, but that is what they are.  Who wants to be procoronavirus?

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