Problem Solvers Caucus = Child Abuse Caucus

Since when is giving Donald Trump money with no strings attached a good idea?  Pelosi had to pull the House backed version of the Border Aid Blll and pass the Senate version instead.  You can argue that Senate Democrats rolled over for McConnell and Trump, and I think they did.  I suppose the feckless Senate Democrats think they have done “something” about the humanitarian crises on the Mexican border — a crisis created by Trump.  And Pelosi couldn’t fight McConnell because he had “bipartisan” cover.  But she also got hamstrung by House “moderates” who go by the name of “The Problem Solvers Caucus.”  They vowed not to support the House bill, so Pelosi had to get something passed.  With their defection, the House version died.

Here are the names of the “Problem Solvers Caucus” :


I see nothing moderate with giving Trump what he wants.  Does ANYONE believe that Trump will stop abusing immigrant kids?  Trump was supposed to comply with a judge’s order not to hold kids for more than 72 hours.  This was about a year ago.  And here we are again.

And the Problems Solver Caucus is nothing more the old Blue Dogs.  And for those with short memories, the Blue Dogs routinely watered down progressive bills during 2009-2011.  They would threaten to vote with the Republicans if bills were not fixed to their corporate interests.  It’s one reason why the public option was removed from the ACA.  And they were some of the biggest losers in the 2010 midterms.

I thought you all on Daily Kos might like to know who they are.