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Pro-lifers say it's okay that Trump used therapy tested on fetal stem cells because … it just is

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You’ve probably heard that the Regeneron antibody treatment Donald Trump received and subsequently touted as a “cure” for COVID was tested on cells that originally came from an abortion. I’m sure this isn’t the first time an abortion has saved Donald Trump’s ass (just guessing here), but in this case, he’s the pr*sident of the United States and is on record as opposing this kind of thing.

So, yeah, kind of hypocritical, eh?

Of course, being pro-life and anti-mask is awfully hypocritical in itself, so this doesn’t surprise me all that much — especially since cults generally give their leaders a pass for … well, anything and everything.

But in this case, it’s almost as if Trump consciously understood that he hadn’t yet shredded every last one of the evangelical movement’s abiding principles and decided, hey, let’s further humiliate them as righteous punishment for so fervently supporting Satan’s favorite ass polyp.

So you get shit like this.

Business Insider:

Eric Scheidler, the executive director of Chicago's Pro-Life Action League, said Trump's use of the Regeneron cocktail was ethical because the president was far removed from the abortion itself.

“In the case of President Trump, the doctors who are providing those medicines to him, those treatments to him, they were not involved with that abortion that took place decades ago,” Scheidler told Insider. “They didn't assist in it. They didn't choose for it to happen. They may even wish that it had never happened, even if they're benefiting from something that came from that injustice.”

Question: How do we know Trump wasn’t involved in this abortion? By all accounts, he was a regular Johnny Blastula-seed in the ‘70s.

In an email to Insider, a Heritage Foundation spokesperson pointed to a Twitter thread from Dr. Tara Sander Lee, the Charlotte Lozier Institute's director of life sciences.

Lee called the experiments that used cells derived from aborted fetal tissue “not ethical” but didn't call the antibody cocktail itself unethical because it doesn't contain the cells in question.

Okay, well that’s convenient.

Joe Pojman, the executive director for Texas Alliance for Life, cited a Lozier Institute post that said the antibody treatment itself doesn't contain aborted fetus-derived cells. The post, coauthored by Lee, didn't mention the use of aborted-fetus-derived cells to test the antibody treatment.

Pojman also told Insider that Texas Alliance for Life stood behind Trump and his COVID-19 treatment choice.

“We continue to be very enthusiastic about endorsing president Donald Trump for reelection. He has been sensational on the life issues, and we're very grateful to him for that,” Pojman told Insider.

Must be nice to cradle so many opposing thoughts so comfortably in one’s head. I wish I could master that trick. The best I’ve ever been able to do is convince myself that a family-sized bag of Funyuns counts as six vegetable servings.

If anything good came out of the last four years, it’s the realization that I can now openly laugh in the faces of evangelical Christians whenever they talk about “morality.”

I’m plenty moral, thanks. I voted against Donald Trump … and I’m fixing to do so again.

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