Lost relevance continues with more of the same Trump delusions up-chucking soon, signaled by the latest Big Lie interview with Fox News, likely leading to more revisionism. Unfortunately Trump’s memoirs would be regurgitating the propaganda with little insight or reflection. His Secret Service detail would be useful witnesses as a 1/6 insurrection report or special counsel looms. Yet some things can happen quickly, like the Atlanta spa shooting suspect bought his gun only hours before his killing spree.



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Donald Trump will allegedly sit down with multiple authors in the coming weeks, as the former US president sets-about promoting his time at the White House.

The meetings are with authors and reporters who previously covered Mr Trump while in office. Some of the twelve scheduled interviews, according to Politico, have already taken place.
Among those faces is “Fire and Fury” author Michael Wolff, whose 2018 book about Mr Trump’s White House was rubbished by the former president as being “really boring and untruthful”.
According to Politico, a whole series of sequels could be in the pipeline, raising concerns among advisers of Mr Trump that the market will be flooded with books about his time in office.

And in the process, the former president could ruin any chance of his own to make money from his own recollections — although no post-White House memoir is thought to be in the works at present.



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Now that Donald Trump is out of office and no longer enjoys presidential immunity, he faces numerous criminal and civil challenges in federal and state courts. According to legal experts and former agents speaking to Business Insider, Secret Service agents who served during his tenure could be hauled unto court to testify against him.

As Insider points out, there's no legal privilege that prevents Secret Service agents from testifying about potential criminal behavior or the abuse of power that they might have witnessed while on the job.

But many former and current agents don't like the idea of being subpoenaed.




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