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Presidents of police unions forget who they work for in their violent rhetoric against those they se

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In the last few months, I have watched the head of two police unions display a brazing arrogance and bullying rhetoric towards those wanting police accountability.

To be clear, I am not anti-police. Hell, I got a police officer a commendation after a wrote a viral blog post about my positive interaction with him after being stopped for driving-while-black. I have always believed that people attempt to live up to their accolades so should we not try that?

Clearly police unions are a part of the problem

Watch full episodes here.

The video in this post displays the behavior of the president of two police unions who display a complete disregard for their real bosses, the people they serve.

The Houston union president actually threatened the citizens of Houston.

“We are sick and tired of having targets on our backs,” Joe Gamaldi, President of a Houston police union said in an aggressive mobster manner. “We are sick and tired of having dirtbags trying to take our lives when all we are trying to do is protect this community and protect our families. Enough is enough. And if you are the ones that are out there spreading the rhetoric that police officers are the enemy, well just know, we've got your number now. We're gonna be keeping track of all yall.”

The union president was upset because 5 cops got hurt in a drug-raid-gone-bad. Two citizens in the home were killed. It turned out the dirtbags were the cops who fraudulently invaded the couple's home.

In the case of Patrick Lynch, president of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association of the City of New York, he sounded like a mob boss demanding respect. He said that New York police officers are being treated like thugs and animals. Maybe if fewer of them acted like thugs and animals against a community protesting their thuggish and animalistic behavior against some of the citizens, then they would get respect.

The standard statement is that most police are good. While the case may be that most don't murder POCs or falsely arrest and target those least able to defend themselves, the fact that most are silent makes them complicit. You can't continue to have people killed by cops who are innocent and not admit to a very serious problem.

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