Presidential Historian equates Trump's actions to that of Italy's Mussolini on Rachel Maddow.

Presidential Historian was not pulling any punches. He gives the reason why Americans must act to defeat Trump to save the country. I want to add an important message to his statement, which I think is very important.

Presidential Historian shows the worry of many Americans

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Rachel Maddow asked Michael Beschloss the question on the minds of many Americans. Paraphrased, has he seen at any time in our history a president taking us this close to the precipice of fascism.

Beschloss’s answer was poignant.

“Nothing even remotely similar,” Beschloss said. “You want to go into history for something like this? Go into Italian history and look at Mussolini. This is the way dictators come to power. He is telling what he intends to do. And we have to make very sure in the next five and a half weeks and after that, we do not get in a situation where just as Senator Sanders was saying tonight; Donald Trump announces that he has won and puts us in a situation where our democracy is being stolen minute by minute. This is not a drill.”

Beschloss continued to say that we have never been in this much danger.

I completely agree with the gravity of the situation but I think we all must feel more empowered and responsible. We must understand that there are many more of us than those who are misled. We are a large majority and must vote that way. We must show a fearless resolve. Otherwise, Trump and his enablers and sycophants may believe that winning is plausible even as all polls and sentiments say otherwise.

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