President Trump came out in a conciliatory manner at a recent press conference urging support for Asian Americans. Unfortunately, his previous Chinese Virus statements may have been the catalyst for what he is now speaking out against.

Trump’s Chinese Problem

A few days ago, it was clear that Donald Trump was disparaging Chinese.

Donald Trump continues on his path to deflect responsibility for his poor handling of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. on China in an obvious nationalistic tone.

Donald Trump continues to blame everyone but himself for his derelict response to the coronavirus pandemic. He recently tried to blame the Obama administration. But it did not stop there. He has taken to calling the coronavirus the Chinese virus.

That is why it was surprising to watch Donald Trump open his press conference by pandering to Asian Americans. When asked if there was something that gave him a change of heart, without blinking he accused some in the population of scapegoating Asians. He must have forgotten that he was that cheerleader.

The video in this post lays out the Presidents dog whistle. More importantly, it shows John Cornyn makes one of the most racist statements likely made by any politician in recent times. Trump has so changed the norm that it is clear Cornyn did not even realize the severity of his statement.

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