President Biden is not raising the cost of insulin and Trump did not lower it either

Lies in video, memes, and blogs about Joe Biden raising the price of insulin and epinephrine are false. Share to expose the lie widely.

Biden will not raise your insulin

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The Right-Wing is quick. Do you remember the Harry & Louise ad that lied to Americans President Clinton's healthcare bill? Do you remember Obamacare “death panels” during the debate that lied to seniors and others?

The Right-Wing is starting early. The President has not even passed a bill yet, but somehow the lying machine is now in full swing. The lie that the price of insulin is going through the roof because of Joe Biden is just that, a lie.

Here is the real deal.

VERIFY: Did President Biden just raise the cost of insulin by freezing a Trump administration rule that would have made insulin less expensive?

Some media, politicians, and social media users are claiming President Joe Biden raised the cost of insulin during his first week in the Oval Office.

So we can verify the Biden administration did freeze a new rule that would mandate community health centers pass along insulin discounts to their patients.
But we can also verify that multiple claims that President Biden is increasing the price of insulin are false. The 60-day regulatory freeze is not causing the price of insulin to increase at community health centers, and there is no evidence to suggest the rule would further lower insulin costs at those facilities, which already offer deep discounts on medication.

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If we are to win the debate, we must remain aggressive. We must not leave any lie, however small, unchallenged. To win, we must all be the media or share the truthful media throughout our personal sphere of influence. So please share this and more.

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  • February 12, 2021