Pres. Biden proves his mind is just fine. He interrupts a CDC scientist to clarify COVID statement.

For those attempting to spin a dementia narrative about President Joe Biden, the CDC's performance should dispel that spin.

Joe Biden interrupts scientists

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I must admit, as I initially heard the scientists talking about some therapeutics being less effective on certain variants, I was concerned that the media would get it wrong. Before I could finish my thought process, President Biden had already started interrupting the scientist to clarify that this had nothing to do with the vaccines.

Some would make it that the President is not in control of his administration. Republicans have been saying that those on his left flank were in control as if the man was not the one leading the ship.

This simple act says much. It means he was so well debriefed that in real-time, when the scientist was giving information, he was aware that a clarification needed to be made to ensure the American population does not get confused.

Here is the deal. Joe Biden is older. I am not as young as I used to be either. I know the difference even as I exercise.

We want a president with a sound mind. Whether he trips every so often like President Ford did or puts us through an embarrassing gaffe, based on performance thus for, I am happy he is my president. 

Progressives must continue the fight to get the policies we know most Americans want. Biden is our president. It is our job to help him get there.

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  • March 19, 2021
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