Premier of Greenland: Greenland considering buying America


According to the Danish newspaper Politiken, the Premier of Greenland (Kim Kielsen) is considering buying the US back.

In a (clearly snarky) statement, Kielsen pointed out that Leifr “The Lucky” Eiríksson was the first European to settle America, and as a consequence Greenland has a prior claim on the country. “So it’s only natural for the Greenlandic nation to get USA back.

Asked about the price, the premier said that they haven’t decided on a specific price yet, but that the vast debt of the US would be taken into consideration. And if Trump is included in the deal, then the price would be even lower.

I should make a point of note here that while everyone seems to want to claim Leifr for themselves (the US even celebrates his birthday as a means to celebrate its ties with Norway), Leifr was an Icelander. Although part of his childhood was spent in Greenland (and as an adult he spent a period working for the Norwegian court), he – like his father – was born in Iceland, at Haukadalrin in Breiðafjörður. Other contenders for the title of first in the sagas include Bjarni Herjólfsson, also an Icelander, and two anonymous men — also likely Icelanders.  Iceland was not a part of Norway or any other country.

What I’m saying is, Iceland surely could put a bid on the US too.   😉  Hmm…. 

Nah, Greenland can have it.  😉