Some very good news today out of Texas:


Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden emerged from his national convention with a 1 percentage point lead in Texas over Republican President Donald Trump, a poll scheduled for wide release on Tuesday shows.

The results from the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling, obtained Monday by the USA TODAY Network, shows Biden's small lead coming from his strength among female and minority voters, plus those with four years of college or more.

Overall, among the 764 registered voters contacted randomly on Friday and Saturday after last week's Democratic National Convention, 48% said they plan to vote for Biden while 47% are for Trump. Four years ago, Trump carried Texas by 9 percentage points to keep alive the GOP's winning streak in Texas that began in 1980.


Two former Republican congressmen from North Texas on Monday endorsed Democrat Joe Biden for the White House, providing evidence of further fracturing in the GOP over President Donald Trump as he seeks a second term.

Former Rep. Steve Bartlett, also a former Dallas mayor, served in Congress in the 1980s, while former Rep. Alan Steelman, also of Dallas, did so in the 1970s.

The duo were part of a group of nearly 30 Republican members of Congress – headlined by former Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, who retired last year – that the Biden campaign announced as backers ahead of the first night of the Republican National Convention.

Let’s keep up the momentum and flip Texas Blue. Click below to donate and get involved with Biden and these Texas Democrats and organizations campaigns:

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