Postmaster General Louis Dejoy attempts to cripple the postal service likely for a specific reason

Postmaster General Louis Dejoy attempts to cripple the postal service likely for a specific reason

The attack on the postal service continues. Postmaster General Louis Dejoy is strategically crippling it for what I think is a specific reason.

He wants to destroy the postal service

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You do not hear politicians telling the truth about what is occurring with the postal service. The bottom line, the private sector sees it as a potentially huge cash cow. That is the only reason why Louis Dejoy is crippling the service.

These four specific reasons why the postal service loses money.

  • The post office is a public service. It is not supposed to make a profit. All monies are best reinvested in improved services and to make its service less expensive.
  • The postal service does not control how much it charges to deliver a letter. Congress does. Congress forced a 2-cent stamp decrease in 2016, claiming they had recaptured the 2008-2009 financial crisis’s sales declines.
  • Congress forced an expense onto the postal service that no other corporation has to comply with. Peter DeFazio wrote then. “In 2006, Congress passed a law to require the USPS to pre-fund 75 years’ worth of retiree health benefits in the span of ten years—a cost of approximately $110 billion. Although the money is intended to be set aside for future Post Office retirees, the funds are instead being diverted to help pay down the national debt. No other private enterprise or federal agency is required to pre-fund retiree health benefits on a comparable timetable. The mandate is responsible for all of USPS’s financial losses since 2013.”
  • Americans do a lot more communicating over the internet, which causes a dramatic drop in letter volume. That said, parcel volume is increasing with online shopping increasing.

Let’s not be fooled here. Corporations are salivating. In a society where online shopping is exploding, package delivery is lucrative. And Wall Street wants that. They want to control every necessary service in America to continue their extortion for profit. They’ve done it in healthcare. They’ve done it in energy. Now they want to do it in package delivery, but not completely. You see, there is little profit in delivering to certain rural and difficult to reach portions of America. As is now, they are happy to have a postal service that continues to deliver those at a loss that the taxpayers would ultimately pay for, a backdoor subsidy to shipping companies, corporate socialism.

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  • March 24, 2021
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