I belonged to a Veteran group on Facebook.

The administrator came on and said because of “Big Tech” conspiring against conservatives, he would move to an alt-site like Gab or Parlor.  He talked all about the First Amendment and the hate he feels coming towards Republicans. Once again, Fox and friends (i.e., OAN, Newsmax, et al.) are pushing the non-stop victim mentality of their consumers. 

This was my response:

So I came here to reminisce about a favorite time in my life, and get sick to my stomach when people can't stop posting political crap. I don't think it's unreasonable for any private company to want to ban hate speech or disinformation, which led to the Capitol riots and created a virtual cult known as QAnon. First Amendment applies to banning censorship from the government, not private companies. You can't force a rock station to play polka, and such. You also can't incite violence and call it free speech. Yelling FIRE in a theater, or threatening the president are examples of things that land you in jail. Coordinating attacks on police, or demanding violence against your enemies are not protected speech on these sites, nor should they be.

If you guys want to go to Parler or another Russian funded site, be my guest. Just ask yourself why they require a phone number to sign up.

Quick fun facts about the conservative’s twitter:

I’m all for toxic people to go and find their own places to spew garbage. But this isn’t about “free speech,” and you know it. You hate the Free Press, and you cheered when Trump threatened SNL for mocking him with a federal investigation. I don’t think it’s too hard to post without using threatening language, racist or violent memes, or planning attacks on government officials, but what do I know. 

You want Parlor, have at it. But don’t invite me to join.

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