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Portman Criticizes Trump for Asking Ukraine and China to Investigate Biden, but Opposes Impeachment

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Ohio Senator Rob Portman joins the slowly growing ranks of Republican Senators who have found fault with Donald Trump for soliciting investigations of Joe Biden by foreign governments.

Although opposing impeachment as too extreme, Portman acknowledged that Trump was wrong. Portman’s comments to the Columbus Dispatch basically blow out of the water the reason Trump gives for his request to the Ukraine to investigate Biden.

The Ohio Republican also disputed Trump’s characterization of an ousted Ukrainian as an aggressive battler of corruption, whom the president asserts was fired because he was digging into Biden and his son Hunter’s business dealings. Portman was part of a bipartisan group of senators who wrote a letter to the Ukraine president in 2016 seeking reforms in the prosecutor’s office; today, Portman said the senators believed the prosecutor wasn’t doing nearly enough to root out corruption — not because he was doing too much.

The story states that Portman also “expressed dismay” that Trump wanted the Ukrainians to cooperate with Rudoph Giuliani and US Attorney General William Barr in investigating Biden.

Other Republican senators who have criticized Trump in the matter are: Mitt Romney of Utah, Ben Sasse of Nebraska, and Susan Collins of Maine.

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