Poll: Germans now more afraid of Trump than terrorism

Guess they know a dictator when they see one.

From Reuters:

The “Fears of the Germans” survey from R+V Versicherung showed that 69 percent are worried that Trump is making the world a more dangerous place with his policies, which have included withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal and Paris climate accord.

That compared to 63 percent who expressed fear that Germany risked being overwhelmed by refugees and 59 percent who listed terrorism as a top concern, down sharply from 71 percent last year.

“Trump’s brutal ‘America First’ stance, his hostility to international agreements and his aggressive trade and security policies, including toward allies, are frightening a majority of the population,” said Manfred Schmidt, a political scientist in Heidelberg who advises R+V on the survey.

I have to confess, Trump is not at the top of my personal fears list. Not yet, anyway. That’s still getting stuck on a freight elevator with a horny Mitch McConnell and a pallet full of off-brand electric dildos. Or waking up with a big hairy spider in my bed. Or public speaking.

But, damn, I agree with the Germans. I’m much more afraid of Trump destroying our country and our Western alliances than I am of terrorists blowing some random shit up. We recovered from 9/11. I still don’t know if we’ll ever recover from Trump. Though I’m still hopeful.



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