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Poll: Every potential Democratic candidate would defeat Trump

It’s very, very, very early, but so far it’s hard to find a Democrat running for president (or considering a run) who wouldn’t defeat Donald Trump were the election held today.

That’s according to Public Policy Polling’s latest survey, which reveals that Trump gets just 41 or 42 percent support no matter which Democrat he’s pitted against:

PPP's newest national poll finds that at the midway point of DonaldTrump's term as President, he's a clear underdog for reelection.Trump gets just 41 or 42% in head to head match ups against 7 likely Democratic candidates for President. He trails Joe Biden 53-41, Bernie Sanders 51-41, Kamala Harris 48-41, Beto O’Rourke 47-41, Elizabeth Warren 48-42, and Cory Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand each 47-42.

Trump’s low 40s support for reelection essentially tracks with his approval numbers. Only 40% of voters approve of the job he’s doing to 57% who disapprove.

“It really doesn’t matter which Democratic hopeful you test against him right now,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “Voters prefer any of them over Trump at halftime of his Presidency.”

Whomever you support right now, I think we can all agree that any of them would be a huge improvement over the Ocher Abomination.

Honestly, I’d pick someone randomly off the street before I’d ever give Trump another term. Any street. Including Sesame Street. Any Muppet would do. But if I had my druthers, Snuffleupagus, of course.

He’s super tall, and has a more natural skin tone than Trump.

Hey, electability is important, folks.


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