Polls are trending toward supporting the impeachment inquiry.

Since House Democrats launched a formal impeachment inquiry last Tuesday, support for impeachment has grown, according to polls from Politico/Morning Consult, HuffPost/YouGov, NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist, CBS News/YouGov, and Quinnipiac.

These shifts suggest that public sentiment could continue to change as the inquiry proceeds. Such increases in support could bode well for Democratic leaders, who have been reluctant to pursue impeachment out of concerns that negative public sentiment may hurt the party’s chances of keeping the House majority.

In the wake of Democrats’ decision to kickstart a formal inquiry and new revelations about President Donald Trump’s July phone call with Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the uptick in voter backing has been consistent across a few polls.


Biden still leads in the early primary states according to Morning Consult.


% Fav/Unfav(Net)

  • Joe 73/19(54)
  • Bern 73/19(54)
  • Liz 66/14(52)
  • Kam 54/19(35)
  • Pete 48/13(35)
  • Cory 47/16(31)
  • Beto 47/17(30)
  • Yang 38/15(23)
  • Amy 35/14(21)
  • Julián 34/20(14)
  • Tulsi 24/15(9)
  • Tom 22/13(9)
  • Mike 21/13(8)
  • Tim 22/18(4)
  • Steve 17/14(3)
  • John 18/16(2)
  • Mari 19/22(-3)
Based on 16,274 survey interviews with Democratic primary voters conducted Sept. 23-29; MoE +/- 1%. https://t.co/19xcvbKDo2

A new Hill-HarrisX survey on Friday found support for impeachment proceedings against President Trump has risen 12 points compared to a similar poll conducted three months ago.

The survey was conducted on Sept. 26-27, just days after House Democrats started a formal impeachment inquiry over a whistleblower complaint involving Trump’s communications with Ukraine.

The poll showed 47 percent of respondents support that decision, up 12 points from a similar survey in June, which asked whether Democrats should begin impeachment proceedings.

Meanwhile, opposition to impeachment dipped 3 points to 42 percent, while 11 percent of those polled in the new survey said they weren't sure or didn't know.


“According to a one-day NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll conducted Wednesday, 49% of Americans approve of the House formally starting an impeachment inquiry into Trump. Among Democrats, 88% approve of the investigation, while 93% of Republicans disapprove.”



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