Poll: A Nickname for Trump

A reply I wrote on another diary just now gave me an idea. We could try to settle on a single moniker for Trump and harp on it over and over. One reason “Moscow Mitch” works so well — aside from being true — is that there are no other monikers to distract from its punch. (Massacre Mitch threatened to do just that, but it looks like it got squelched for just that reason.)

The other option, if sticking with a single one doesn’t work (and it probably won’t, I have to admit) is to collect a whole bunch and throw them at him over and over and over and over…. It all gets under his thin skin, festers there, pollutes his brain, drives him so furiously nuts that he goes publicly off the rails even more. It won’t matter to the base of his base, but the idea is to peel support away from the edges.

My original favorite was Herr Gropingfury, a play on the old  Nazi rank of Gruppenführer, an SS rank approximately equivalent to the American Major General. (Schwartznegger once got a similar nickname.) But that’s a bit too subtle and it never took. So I am suggesting Dumbnuts Donnie Boy. But mainly I’m suggesting we collect a bunch and pick several that will drive him nuts. (OK, more nuts.) Maybe post signs in Lafayette Park and outside Mar-A-Lago, Bedminster, Trump Tower. When these wear out (and they will), come up with some new ones and do it again.

  • August 18, 2019