Politifact unveils its 'Lie of the Year,' proving Donald Trump actually can win something

Well, Donald Trump is a big winner of something. And no one is going to steal this honor from him. It will hang around his neck forever like an albatross … or a turkey wattle. Yeah, more like a turkey wattle, come to think of it.

The Politifact Lie of the Year — drumroll, please — is “downplaying coronavirus!” Give yourself a pat on the back if you knew it wouldn’t be “the most fraudulent election anyone has ever seen.”


Lies infected America in 2020. The very worst were not just damaging, but deadly.

President Donald J. Trump fueled confusion and conspiracies from the earliest days of the coronavirus pandemic. He embraced theories that COVID-19 accounted for only a small fraction of the thousands upon thousands of deaths. He undermined public health guidance for wearing masks and cast Dr. Anthony Fauci as an unreliable flip-flopper.

But while Donald Trump was the Pied Piper of lies, he wasn’t their sole purveyor. Plenty of people joined the death cult in order to turn the so-called “pro-life party” into a mealy mush of cognitive dissonance.

Anonymous bad actors offered up junk science. Online skeptics made bogus accusations that hospitals padded their coronavirus case numbers to generate bonus payments. Influential TV and radio opinion hosts told millions of viewers that social distancing was a joke and that states had all of the personal protective equipment they needed (when they didn’t).

It was a symphony of counter narrative, and Trump was the conductor, if not the composer. The message: The threat to your health was overhyped to hurt the political fortunes of the president.

And this is the lie that keeps on giving, all the way through the Christmas season. Thanks to Donald Trump’s fusillade of bullshit, our nation is entering one of its darkest winters in living memory.

Merry Christmas, Trump. After four years, you’ve finally notched a victory that no one can possibly dispute.


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  • December 16, 2020