The usual overgeneralizations apply as Politico tries to separate liberals from whatever adherents to the left of that position are calling themselves. They’ve chosen Jacobin as this week’s strawman to separate Sanders Democrats from Warren Democrats.

As the 2020 campaign has unfolded, Warren has, if anything, tacked toward Bernie, embracing “Medicare for All” and free college, and making a wealth tax the centerpiece of her platform. Still, in the pages of Jacobin, Warren has gone from seeming like a close second to Sanders to being a member of the neoliberal opposition, perhaps made even worse by her desire to claim the mantle of the party’s left. The magazine’s newest quarterly print cover makes this point explicit in illustration: Sanders and his new democratic socialist comrades in the House are pictured cycling on Team Red in a race against Joe Biden and Warren on Team Blue.

…Jacobin, the nine-year-old publication that has become the de facto voice of the young socialist movement in America. Its favorite candidate all along has been Bernie Sanders, the only self-proclaimed socialist to mount a major campaign for the presidency of the United States since Eugene Debs almost 100 years ago. But for many months, as the 2020 campaign began to unfold, Jacobin treated Warren as the next best thing.


At some level, the picks and pans of an activist magazine with only a fraction of the readership of, say, pre-2016 Breitbart might not seem of much consequence as America heads into its next presidential election. But as the Democratic Party faces its intramural battle over how best to respond to the Trump presidency—with measured centrism, or an opportunistic and disruptive lurch to the left— Jacobin has emerged as a hard-to-ignore voice in defining what the latter should look like.


Some Jacobin sympathizers who might be considered old leftists to this new generation are happy to see socialism surge into the mainstream. But they’re also nervous that the magazine’s dismissal of Warren is dangerously overzealous, especially as it discounts a candidate who seriously worries Wall Street, moderates and billionaires.…

Because like the Addams Family it’s always a lurch to the left during an election year. Politico nearly gets to the point of declaring “OK Boomer”. The sectarian differences are more about labeling than conscious ideology, and Politico’s audience really needs to know who them socialists are. 




  • December 9, 2019
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