Politico unearths another huge Dem scandal: Joe Biden has money!

I can already see how this is going to go.

The mainstream media, in a rush to show “balance,” will elevate every picayune Democratic peccadillo they can find in order to put those candidates on an equal footing with our amoral grifter-in-chief.

In case you needed another grim reminder, this is why Trump got elected in the first place … because, you know, EMAILS!

Politico did its bit today, revealing that Joe Biden, who embraces his middle-class upbringing and espouses middle-class values, actually has …

… wait for it …


“Middle-Class Joe” Biden has a $2.7 million vacation home. He charges more than $100,000 per speaking gig and has inked a book deal likely worth seven figures.

Since leaving office in 2017, the 76-year-old former vice president has watched his bank account swell as he continues to cultivate the image of a regular, Amtrak-riding guy. He’s repeatedly referred to himself as “Middle-Class Joe” on the campaign trail and in speaking engagements as he publicly mulls whether to run for president.

While his finances might be unexceptional by the standards of well-heeled Washington politicians, Biden is unique among the top Democratic presidential hopefuls because of his avowed distance from the upper class. It’s central to his political identity. But if Biden runs, his newfound wealth could give his Democratic and GOP opponents an opening to attack him as disingenuous, or at least less than advertised.

Sure, whatever.

Know who else has money and passes himself off as a champion of the middle class? Donald J. Trump. Except he made his fortune by inheriting vast wealth, stiffing middle-class workers and contractors, bankrupting casinos, sticking his name on a fraudulent university, inflating and deflating his assets as needed, and God knows what else.

Oh, and he’s never been middle class.

Whatever you think of Biden, the fact that he’s a 76-year-old man who’s been in the public eye for decades and has — clutch pearls — managed to make money in the process is pretty weak sauce.

Funny how these purity tests are so scrupulously applied to Democrats. Meanwhile, we’re all forced to eat around a diseased sewer rat swimming languidly in our vegetable pad Thai. Oh, but, outrage — the croutons in this salad were made with nonorganic thyme! Send it back!

Whomever you support — or oppose — in the primaries, can we all just agree to ignore this kind of divisive codswallop?


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