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Political CessPool Report From KY: Payoff to Pardon Sodomizer and Thomas Massie Has Primary Fight.

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Another day, another Kentucky criminal’s family pays to have them pardoned from prison.  

GOP prosecutor took donations from sex offender's family, then pressed Bevin for a pardon

The elected Republican commonwealth’s attorney in Christian County wrote to Gov. Matt Bevin last month seeking a pardon on behalf of a prominent local couple's grandson who pleaded guilty to using a sex toy to sodomize a passed-out 15-year-old boy.

In a Dec. 7 letter on his office stationery, Commonwealth’s Attorney Richard Boling said —without offering proof — that Dayton Jones, 25, was targeted by Democratic prosecutors because of a political vendetta against his grandparents, who are Republican donors.

The couple, Jackie and Tony Jones, had given a combined $3,000 in contributions to Boling's campaign the year before.

In an interview Tuesday, Boling said he hadn’t spoken with the governor or contacted anyone in his office. The Courier Journal obtained Boling's letter the next day.

The Courier Journal also obtained emails showing that Boling shared a copy of the proposed letter with Jackie Jones for her approval, asking, “Does this look OK?” before she forwarded it to Bevin’s chief of staff, Blake Brickman.

Jones and three other young men pleaded guilty for their roles in the Oct. 12, 2014, assault on the victim, who suffered a perforated bowel and had to undergo lifesaving surgery the next day. The assault was captured on video and shared on social media.

On Dec. 9, Bevin commuted Jones’ sentence to time served, freeing him from prison after he’d served three years of a 15-year sentence. Bevin gave no official explanation for the clemency, despite it being required under the Kentucky Constitution.

Emboldened is mine.

Jones used a sex toy to sodomize a passed out 15 year old boy, took a video of this, and uploaded the video online.  The rape was so severe that the kid’s bowel was perforated.  And this threatened the boy’s life.

There is no truth to Boling’s allegations of a “political vendetta” against Jones’ grandparents by then State Attorney General Andy Beshear.

As for Jones,

Jones pleaded guilty to sodomy of a victim who was physically helpless or unable to consent, wanton endangerment and distributing matter portraying a sexual performance by a minor.

Without Bevin’s order, he would not have been eligible for parole until 2023 and wouldn’t have served out his sentence until 2029.

You can read about Jones’ family in the article.  They are well off to say the least and politically connected.  

Records in Jones’ pardon file show that Jackie and Tony Jones spent three years working to try to get their grandson out of prison.

In a 2017 letter that Tony Jones hand-delivered to Bevin, they noted that “we are longtime friends with former Congressman Ed Whitfield, who recommended we reach out to you.”

They also said they had been in “regular contact” with elected officials, including state Reps. Myron Dossett and Walker Thomas and state Sens. Whitney Westerfield and Stan Humphries, as well as then-Justice Secretary John Tilley, to “help us make others aware of the injustice that took place.”

In the letter, the couple, who live in a $700,000, 4,800-square-foot house outside Hopkinsville, noted that Tony Jones, who owns coin laundries, warehouses and other businesses, is also vice chairman of the local airport board, while Jackie serves on the board of Hopkinsville Community College.

They told Bevin there was “nothing sexual about the crime” — even though a sex toy was used — and that it “merely involved a group of young male friends who drank alcohol, got stupid and tried to play a prank on one of their group.”

The Jones family make a political contribution to the campaign of the Republican who is running for county attorney.  Said Republican wins, and the new Republican county attorney sends a letter to then Governor Matt Bevin asking him to grant a pardon for Jones.  And Jones gets his pardon.

And about Christian County Commonwealth Attorney Richard Boling:

A prosecutor has apologized after The Courier Journal disclosed Thursday that he had written Gov. Matt Bevin pleading for a pardon in a life-threatening sodomy case.

“Out of emotion, I made a monumental mistake in preparing this letter, in a rushed fashion,” Christian County Commonwealth’s Attorney Rick Boling said in a news release Thursday.

“I would like to first and foremost apologize to the citizens of Christian County for the embarrassment that I have caused this community.”…

In his apology, Boling said those were the views of Jones’ grandparents, not his own.

“It was my intent to advise Gov. Bevin of their beliefs and thoughts,” he said. “However, I failed to specify that in my letter, making it appear as if those were my beliefs and thoughts, and they are not. I felt sorry for a friend and wanted to try to assist them to get their beliefs and thoughts, on paper.”

Boling apologized to Beshear’s office, saying “I have the utmost respect for the Special Prosecutions Unit, which prosecuted Jones and three other defendants, and the Attorney General’s Office and now Gov. Andy Beshear.”…

In closing, he said he could not undo his mistake.

“I can only formally apologize to the citizens of Christian County, the victim, his family, and to all of those directly affected by this letter,” he said. “This conduct is not reflective of my normal self and I can promise you all that nothing of this nature will ever happen again.”

Translation:  I got caught up in Bevin’s pardonfest, and my bad.  But nothing can be done about it, so let’s move on.

However, there is some late developing news on “Don’t pass out around me, or I will sodomize you” Jones.

Freed by Matt Bevin after sodomy conviction, Dayton Jones might be going back to prison

A man freed by Gov. Matt Bevin after serving three years of a 15-year sentence for sodomy and other crimes may be heading back to prison.

Dayton Jones, 25, who pleaded guilty to sodomizing a passed-out drunk 15-year-old with a sex toy, was indicted Friday in Oldham County for promoting contraband while in prison.

Oldham Commonwealth's Attorney Courtney Baxter said, according to the indictment, Jones was caught with suboxone, an opioid used to treat addiction, on Sept. 14 at Luther Luckett Correctional Complex.

She said lab results confirming the drug did not come back until Dec. 30.

Jones was charged with promoting contraband, a felony, and being a persistent felony offender. If convicted of both, he could be sentenced to 10 years in prison.

She said that inmates are routinely charged if they are caught with illegal substances and that they usually do additional time in prison if convicted.

“I am not treating this differently than any other case,” she said.

Courtney Baxter is a Republican on the rise.  I wonder if Boling will accuse her of having a political vendetta against the Jones family?

Oh, and lest I forget.  

Bevin's pardon recipients could face federal prosecution, US attorney says

The last link is what one federal prosecutor in Kentucky thinks could happen with some of those lucky pardon recipients.

Now, while you are thinking about getting into the shower to rinse of the political sewage you have just read, there is more noxious Republican hydrogen sulfide bubbling up through the cesspool.

Attorney in Covington Catholic case challenges Rep. Thomas Massie in GOP primary

Republican U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie is going to be challenged in the 2020 primary by an attorney who represented one of the Kentucky students at the center of the Covington Catholic controversy.

Attorney Todd McMurtry is one of the lawyers representing Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann, who recently settled a defamation lawsuit against CNN involving a confrontation with an indigenous activist in Washington, D.C., last year.

McMurtry told The Courier Journal on Friday shortly before he filed that he entered the race because President Donald Trump deserves more support than what he is getting out of Massie.

“The reason that I am in the race is to support President Trump,” McMurtry said. “I think that’s what the people of the 4th District want out of an elected official, a congressman in Washington, and that’s what I intend to do.”

Massie's office in Washington referred The Courier Journal to a campaign spokesman who did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

McMurtry's entry is sure to make the race for Kentucky's 4th Congressional District seat one of the more visceral primary campaigns of the 2020 election season and will represent a GOP ideological clash between traditional and libertarian-leaning conservatives.

Massie is a libertarian asshole, but one thing he did do correctly was vote FOR the war powers resolution in the House this week.  Yes, I know.  Broken clock.  But I LOVE the fact they are calling McMurty a “traditional” conservative.  I guess traditional conservatives vote want forever wars?

As for the Massie vs McMurty slugfest, here are some highlights of the methane and hydrogen sulfide fumes the Fourth Congressional District is going to see this year.  Recently, Massie voted against having sanctions place on China for their persecution of the Uighur Muslims in the country's autonomous Xinjiang region.  McMurty of Covington Catholic School fame didn’t like Massie’s vote, and here is their exchange on this issue:


I like it.  Don’t mess with internal matters of a state, especially if it might cause you to go without cheap clothes.  Other guy calls the libertarian out and says he has “no moral compass.”  And things get better and better.

This week, Massie was the lone Kentucky Republican who voted for a House resolution aimed at curbing President Donald Trump's ability to wage war against Iran.

“If we go to war, it needs to be with the blessing and the support of the people and a clear mission that our soldiers can accomplish,” Massie said Thursday on the House floor. “We do that by following the vision of our founding fathers — we debate it on the floor of the House.”

McMurtry criticized Massie's vote in an interview Friday, noting that he was the only Republican to “vote with Pelosi.”

“Amongst all Republicans in Washington, Thomas Massie is considered the most anti-Trump Republican, the person that votes with the president the least,” McMurtry said.

McMurtry said that he is a conservative who supports building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and is “very pro-life” on abortion

Give all power to make war to Trump, build a wall, and ban abortion.

Sadly, the Fourth Congressional District is VERY Republican.  While watching the Republicans beat each other up may bring some smiles to Democrats, in the end, the Republican will win.  The choice for the district voters will be between arsenic and cyanide in the Republican primary though.  Once the Republicans have chosen their poison, the rest of the district will go along with drinking the toxic drink.

I need a shower.

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