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Policing the Police – A “How To” By An Expert, Detective Frank Serpico

Fully-automatic weapons and armored vehicles used on unarmed protesters in Ferguson, MO., and the questions which remain about Michael Brown's death are both enormous and numerous.  The local PD and hundreds of others across the nation close ranks to protect the cop – not to demand that an independent investigation determine the truth about the circumstances.

A 50-year-old First Nations woodcarver is shot 4 times while crossing a street – for holding a closed pocket knife in his hand.  The officer who shot him dead served no jail time because the DA declined to prosecute.  He wasn't even fired – he resigned before the Disciplinary Committee could take any action against him.

Tens of thousands of YouTube videos documenting police misconduct – from verbal abuse and threats at traffic stops to cops parking in handicapped parking slots to shootings of unarmed Americans . . . some of them shot in the back.  Plug the term “police misconduct” into the YouTube search bar and you will get 67,000 results.  And that won't cover ALL of the videos available on YouTube about this problem.  More are added every day by average Americans who are recording their encounters with the police.

And don't even get me started on the repulsive things to be read on the police blogs.  Some of that stuff is horrifying and borders on overt terrorism.

So what's to be done?  One answer is offered by retired Detective Frank Serpico.  I'll introduce him, link to his write-up, and present his recommendations after the Great Orange Cloud.

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