Police in Kenosha supporting armed militia allow one to walk away from murder

This is really bad and I have no idea why this is not being covered in the media or the front page of Dailykos (really, how many times can you write Breaking: Trump an a**hole). I tried to find what happened with the shootings in Kenosha last night and it took me a little time. Finally this from the StarTribune. A bunch of militia are walking the streets of Kenosha with automatic weapons. According to reports police are giving them water and thanking and applauding them. One militia murdered two people then walked by police with a rifle slung over his back while people screamed for the police to arrest him. The police say they will catch him but he is in some militia compound by now. This is really, really bad. First the shooting was the worst I have seen. Then this. This needs a hundred reporters and 24/7 coverage even with everything that is going on. Hurricane Laura is going to wipe out all new tonight. Is that what the media is waiting for?