Pod Save America, “Elizabeth Warren is right on the filibuster.”

I know I’ve written about it a lot but it’s still my top issue and while tonight’s debate was horribly moderated, but Pod Save America said it best about tonight’s debate:


I’m very happy this was brought up again in tonight’s debate:

Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg took aim at Democratic front-runner Bernie Sanders on Tuesday for refusing to support the elimination of the 60-vote rule to pass legislation in the Senate — a rare issue on which he's out of step with many progressive activists.

At the debate here four days before the South Carolina presidential primary Saturday, Warren, a senator from Massachusetts, said scrapping the filibuster and allowing legislation to pass by simple majority votes is essential to “get something done” in the Senate over the objections of Republicans and powerful industry groups.

“I've been in the Senate, and I've seen gun safety legislation introduced, get a majority and then doesn't pass because of the filibuster,” Warren said. “Understand this: The filibuster is giving a veto to the gun industry. It gives a veto to the oil industry. It's going to give a veto on immigration.”

She added, “If Mitch McConnell is going to do to the next Democratic president what he did to President Obama, and that is try to block every single thing he does, then we are going to roll back the filibuster.”

I know I have argued with a lot of you about the filibuster and I’ve heard a lot of different responses:

“She doesn’t have a say over the filibuster rules.”

Wrong. She can. use the bully pulpit on Schumer and Durbin to whip. up the votes.

“Abolishing the filibuster won’t solve anything.”

Wrong. It’s easier to get to 51 votes than 60 votes.

“What happens if the Republicans take control of the Senate?”

You give statehood to D.C. and Puerto Rico. creating four new Democratic Senators and a longer-lasting Senate Majority. 

The truth is that the next Democratic President and Democratic Senate are going to have to do something about the filibuster rules if they are going to pass their agenda. Harry Reid has been raising his voice in support of abolishing the filibuster once and for all. In fact, Warren’s Senate colleague, U.S. Senator Ed Markey (D. MA) has been facing a primary challenge from Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D. MA). One of the issues Kennedy has been going after Markey on is abolishing the filibuster. This has caused Markey to change his tone on getting rid of the filibuster, especially if he is serious about passing the Green New Deal:

Still, Markey is currently perhaps most well known for legislation that has yet to pass: the ambitious Green New Deal resolution he co-authored with progressive star Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (whose name he plugged several times during the debate).

Kennedy also supports the Green New Deal and praised its goals and approach to combatting climate change with a focus on frontline communities. But he argued Democrats wouldn’t be able to pass such transformative agenda items unless they enacted political reforms — like abolishing the Senate filibuster and Electoral College, which Markey also supports doing — and “leverage every ounce of power” of a Massachusetts Senate seat.

“I think I can do more,” Kennedy told reporters after the debate.

Bold legislation calls for bold action. We need a President who will push Congress to change the rules to work for the American people and that candidate is Elizabeth Warren. Also, besides the “idiotic plans” part and the fact that she is awful, I have to agree with Ann Coulter on this:


— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) February 26, 2020

Let’s make sure Warren is ready for a huge win on Super Tuesday. Click here to donate and get involved with Warren’s campaign.

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