Plouffe on Georgia: Epic political malpractice by Trump & confederacy of dunces cost senate loss

Plouffe on Georgia: Epic political malpractice by Trump & confederacy of dunces cost senate loss.

David Plouffe did not mince his words as he pointed out that Trump and his enablers likely sped up a Blue Georgia by a few election cycles.

With the events that occurred right after Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock’s epic wins in Georgia, this story was temporarily placed on ice. But it is an important one.

David Plouffe characterized Georgia

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David Plouffe’s analysis of the race before it was sure both races would be won was on point. It was clear, IMHO, that the writing was on the wall.

“We know that Ossoff trailed Joe Biden by about 100,000 votes in November,” said Plouffe. “Some of that was folks didn’t vote all the way down the ballot. But he also trailed Biden in some of those suburban areas outside of Atlanta. He’s meeting the number or increasing it. I think what you’re seeing is epic political malpractice by Donald Trump. He may cost his party the United States Senate.”

Plouffe was not done there. He then illustrated the hear incompetence of both the president and his cabal.

“He and the confederacy of dunces surrounding him, you know, challenging whether votes are legitimate or not,” Plouffe continued. “Voters rightly may say, ‘Well, if it’s all rigged, what does it matter,’ number one. Number two, a compelling message might have been, ‘I lost the presidency, the Democrats control the House. Let’s not give the Democrats a trifecta.’ But Trump won’t even admit he’s lost. Neither will many of his party. So I think he’s hurt himself on turnout. I think you have seen meaningful, they may not seem meaningful, but when counties are moving three or four or five points over just a 60-day period from where they were in November, that’s significant.”

He hit the nail on the head. The Ossoff/Warnock win can be replicated throughout the South and Midwest. Grassroots, not expensive consultancies win races.

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  • January 9, 2021
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