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Please, please . . . let's bring more energy to mocking President Trump's unpopularity

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Yes, President Trump is a clear and present danger.  No one this demonstrably disturbed and flawed should be anywhere near the Oval Office, and it is an urgent priority to get him out of there as soon as possible.

With that in mind, we need to absorb what Trump himself is telling us.  The quickest way to bring his foibles, his fatal flaws, his dysfunction to a decisive head is to mock him and specifically mock his standing as the least popular President ever.  This is both the most effective and urgent path for those of us looking to remove his threat.

A NYT article today — “Election Is Over, but Trump Still Can’t Seem to Get Past It” —  reminds us again of this glaring truth:

WASHINGTON — In the small dining room next to the Oval Office where he works much of the time, President Trump keeps a stack of color-coded maps of the United States representing the results of the 2016 election. The counties he won are blotchy red and span most of the nation.

Mr. Trump sometimes hands the maps out to visitors as a kind of parting gift, and a framed portrait-size version was hung on a wall in the West Wing last week. In conversations, the president dwells on the map and its import, reminding visitors about how wrong the polls were and inflating the scope of his victory.

At the root of Mr. Trump’s unpredictable presidency, according to people close to him, is a deep frustration about attacks on his legitimacy, and a worry that Washington does not see him as he sees himself.

As he careens from one controversy to another, many of them of his own making — like his abrupt decision to fire the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, who was leading an investigation into the president’s associates — Mr. Trump seems determined to prove that he won the election on his own. It was not Russian interference. It was not Mr. Comey’s actions in the case involving Hillary Clinton’s emails. It was not a fluke of the Electoral College system. It was all him.

For pete’s sake, it is all right there — and it does not require anything other than stating the truth.  Donald Trump lost the popular vote by a greater margin than any U.S. President, and his 3 million vote loss is between 5 to 6 times greater than the next loser.  His current 36% approval rating is the lowest ever recorded for a President at this point in his presidency.

Trump know this; it gnaws at him; it drives him serially to act out in self-destructive ways.  As the same NYT article describes, he “burns with frustration over not getting enough credit” for winning and “sits in the dining room or Oval Office stewing over the Russia inquiry that Mr. Comey was managing, arguing to anyone who will listen that the matter is all a Democratic-inspired conspiracy to undermine the validity of his victory.”

Punch him hard and continuously on this!  Don't ever refer to him except as the “popular vote loser President,” the “least popular President in history,” the “accidental” or “fluke” President.  Always mention that he has little support and no mandate.  Emphasize always how he should be acting given his “historic weakness.”  Highlight his “crisis of legitimacy” and so on, and without relent.

Do this, and I promise you that he will self-implode in a much quicker and much more ridiculous manner.  Please do this for the sake of the country.

p.s.  Republicans would get this in under 5 seconds.  Let’s step up our game.

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