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It’s truly amazing what happens when a progressive or two starts to gain some national political traction.  Besides Bernie Sanders being a boogeyman for conservatives and so called centrists, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris latest moves in the Democratic presidential contest are starting to make Never Trumpers hyperventilate (see David Brooks, Joe Scarborough, Bret Stephens and George Will, if you want to raise your blood pressure).   And the Media is more than happy to go to these so called “moderates” or “reasonable conservatives” to get their input.  Oh yeah, their input is for Democrats to nominate a moderate to beat Trump.  Well, someone who Never Trumpers define as a moderate.  Speaking of the Media, I recently saw a reporter on MSNBC state that she talked with Trump voters who claim to have voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012.  And you know what these Trump voters told her?  They prefer Hickenlooper to get the nomination because he criticizes Trump “the least.”  According to this reporter, Obama to Trump switchers don’t want to be critized for their vote.  All those Trump hating Democrats gives them the willies.

Message to Progressives from Never Trumpers, Trump voters, and the Media:  Shut the Fuck Up and Go Away.

My Message to Never Trumpers and Trump Voters:  I’m not shutting up, and if you don’t like that, tough fucking luck.

Before any of the Daily Kossacks who a have soft spot for Trump voters jump down my throat, let me explain what I mean.  First, let’s go to the tender feelings that Obama/Trump voters have about the choices they have made.  No, I am not into publicly shaming them for their vote.  

I understand that many people in the progressive community have friends or relatives who voted for Trump.  I have them in my family.  And I am deeply aghast by their choice.  And I have done my fair share in the past to change some of my family members minds when it comes to their political choices.

It has done no good whatsoever.

And I am betting I am not alone in this.  It’s why some on Daily Kos try to post, write, or implore their loved ones, family, or friends to see reason.  No one likes to have someone they know supporting that sociopath in the White House.  It can be very hurtful.

Plus, progressives are supposed to believe that the majority of people can be reasoned with.  Yes, I accept that there are people who are greedy, selfish, bigoted, racist, sexist, and cruel.  In other words, there are evil Americans.  But we try to tell ourselves that they are in a minority.  And we try to imagine that the minority is relatively small.

It’s a blow to our progressive beliefs that 40% or more of Americans are so flawed if not down right immoral.

Yes, I would love to see all those people to get their comeuppance.  And if I thought berating them publicly for supporting Trump would do any damn good, I’d be all for it.  But experience has shown me it is never going to happen.  Therefore, I am not going to try and argue with Trump supporters.  That’s my choice.  And I don’t want to aggravate my high blood pressure.

But now I am told by the Media, Never Trumpers, and supposed Obama/Trump voters that their feelings are hurt if I say that Trump sucks?  If I and others kick up a fuss about the state of our nation, they might even vote for Trump.   I’ll be damned if I am going to stifle my opinions in order not to upset  them.

Since when have Trump voters ever given a damn what a progressive feels or think?

But we are supposed to continue to kiss around 80,000 voters collective asses in a few Rust Belt states because they may go back to Trump.  Remember, only white male working class voters from the Midwest count when it comes to the next election.   Progressives upset these folks.  I read this all the time from the New York Times when one of their reporters goes on safari to Trump country.  And Tweety Bird Chris Matthews always reminds me of this.  Democrats need to win these voters back, so let us not do anything to upset them or make them choose Trump.

Some scared shitless Democrats are internalizing this message.  I’m thinking of the reasons given for not starting an impeachment inquiry into Trump.  Doing that will only rile up the Trump base.  And you can especially hear that argument from some Never Trumpers and Media pundits.

I have a newsflash for Never Trumpers and the Media:  Trump supporters are in a PERPETUAL AGITATED STATE AND ARE ALREADY RILED UP!

Don’t believe me?  Just watch a Trump rally.  Where the fuck have some of the “don’t piss off the Trump voters” crowd been the last three years?  Does anyone seriously think if people like me shut up that Trump voters will suddenly calm down and forget to vote for Trump again? 

Yes, I am practical enough to know that any Democratic running for president must never criticize the voters for their past votes.  It is counter productive.  You tell the dummies that they were conned by Trump instead.  The onus is on Trump.  I get that.  But you know what?  I’m not running for president, so I don’t have to be careful what I say.

And as for Never Trumpers and the Media, how many years have they been lecturing and sneering at progressives?  I have watched Never Trumpers and the Media trash talk progressives since 1980.  But now that a progressive might win the Democratic nomination, they scream, “You can’t do that!  the risk to our democracy is too great!  We cannot reelect Trump!”

Who helped get Trump to the White House?  Oh yeah.  The Media with it’s two billion dollars worth of free TV and air time and Republicans.  We should all really listen to their advice and shut up.  Besides, it’s impolite to remind the Never Trumpers and Media of their manifest sins.

And progressive are the ones who are overly sensitive?  PLEASE!

  • June 30, 2019